Welcome to the universe of Barbarux

Meet Barbarux


Barbarux is a warrior who left his Thoios Island  with the purpose of defending it and continue the battle his father did not finish, his enemies have taken over his land and the seas are now invaded and taken by Kranu’s army and Barbarux will fight to death.

Meet Lytha Tharcian


Warrior and friend help Barbarux without doubt to recover and save his kingdom. Daughter of Queen Penethesilea and descendant of the mythical amazon warriors, capable of defying any opponent no matter who, a tenacious combatant able to defeat any man who crosses her path. Lytha meet Barbarux when they were children due to the close relation between the kingdoms of her mother and Barbarux’s father Erk Da Reed.

Meet Octar.


“Defending Thoios Island as his own”

Son of Cararon The Hun, descendent of a race in which war and honor is their his way of life, Octar has trained since birth so his every move in battle will be perfect. He shipwrecked and ended up at Thoios Island ruled by Erk Da Reed, Barbarux’s father,  land in which he was received and later on respected due to his valor and skills in battle.

Octar together with Lytha and Barbarux, defends his current home from Kranu’s army, with the goal of clearing the seas of all the monsters and threats and finally go back to his own realm.

Face countless waves of the deadliest enemies

 Thoios Axe

Your biggest support in battle and your first weapon too, no one can stand in your way with an axed so fierce it represents the people of Thoios.

Mace da Reed

A family relic, an ancient war mace passed from generations.  An epic gift from former king Erk da Reed, every enemy will tremble at sight, every hit is a step closer to conquer victory and the respect of the seas.

Dragon’s Fang Dagger

Only a dragon fang turned into a weapon could do this damage, the damage depends on how many you use from 1 to 4.  It’s ideal use is defending yourself from large groups.

Thunder Blade

Forged with pure lighting the “Thunder Blade” a weapon so powerful it’s edge deals the deadliest cuts in all seas to anyone or anything on its path.

Frozen Mace

A mace reforged with magical icy runes to freeze every bone in your enemies body leaving them stone cold.  Take your chance and hit them while you can.

Explosive Bow

A ancient bow carved from a single branch from the soul tree,t so powerful a single strike touches the sky and charges all the arrows with an explosion so bast a shot to the sky has never been so deadly it’s explosion could wipe out an entire army, enemies call it death from the sky.

Thunder Rune

The gods power running through your veins, magic so powerful only one part of it’s power can be tamed, one strike from the sky delivers the most painful death.

Ice Rune

A huge ice storm from the sky dealing the coldest and deadliest strike is well known for leaving everything on it’s path ice cold.

Fire Rune

All the power and force from Thoios volcanos in your hands, a magical spell dealing massive area damage burning your enemies souls in one strike.

Abyss Anchor

From the deepest abyss comes an ancient weapon used with too many battles at hand for us to count, with huge damage could kill enemies with one hit.


A weapon with the power of the seas seas the fiercest bite in every strike, use the power of the ocean to your advantage and bring down all types of monsters and threats.

Dragon Axe

An axe forged from dragon scales, bones and hide, every hit carries the aura of all dragon’s fallen into battle, a straight but lethal hit.

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